Fog Back in the last century, Andrew was a struggling punk rocker-turned-Hip-Hop DJ and college dropout in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Frustrated by (self-imposed) musical limits and depressed, with a tendency towards upper-respiratory ailments, Andrew began recording songs on his 4-track that combined his scratching skills with snippets of acoustic guitar and keyboards. After writing lyrics for some of these pieces, Andrew, for the very first time anywhere, sang. The result was a record released on his own label (Dinkytown Records) as The Fog. After Adam Drucker (Dose One) became the album‘s champion, Andrew landed a deal with Ninja Tune. His first record for the London-based label was a re-tooled version of his first record and, dropping that meddlesome "The," Fog was loosed upon the world.

If Fog‘s first record was turntables first, everything else after, Fog‘s next two releases reversed the equation. With Ether Teeth, Andrew shattered his turntables on layers of piano, guitar and delicate surrealist sweetness. Turntablism enthusiasts and, well, most others were puzzled by Andrew‘s new piano-driven direction. But fans and critics that did connect with Ether Teeth really connected, and that record gave Andrew an extremely devoted fan base. The EP that followed, Hummer, was a stunning collection of songs where Andrew allowed his compositions and increased vocal assuredness to steal the spotlight from his layered production. Andrew has also collaborated on recordings with saxophonist George Cartwright (Curlew) and Jonathan Wolf (Why?/Anticon/Hymie‘s Basement), but Fog remains the primary vehicle for his creative output.

Fog has embarked on several North American and European tours, converting the heathens with a full band, Martin Dosh, Michael Lewis, Mark Erickson, and Jeremy Ylvisaker and Tim Glenn. Andrew‘s courageous musical vision has led their performances towards a powerful combination of interpretation and improvisation. The members of his band inform Broder‘s songwriting and palette, and make frequent appearances on 10th Avenue Freakout, Fog‘s latest and greatest on Lex Records. On 10th Avenue, Broder has expanded his sound further, with lyrics that have newfound depth and complexity, arrangements instead of sprawl and a greater sense of urgency, both poetic and political, than his previous work.

Going from lonely one-man basement 4-tracker to full-fledged avant-rock band, Fog has made great strides from its inception. They have shared stages with Yo La Tengo, Notwist, Wilco, cLOUDDEAD, Subtle and others, sharing also these artists‘ desire to push the envelope of modern music.