Blue Martian Tribe
Blue Martian Tribe Since the spring of 2005 The Blue Martian Tribe has been on a steady rise in the jam band scene. Blending an eclectic mix of styles and sounds BMT, as they've come to be known to their fans, has been molding a sound all their own. From their ever growing library of original tunes, and cover tunes each night becomes an experience in itself. Drawing from the jam band influences of the members no two performances of the songs sound exactly alike, yet that unmistakable BMT sound seems to tie everything together. The Dual lead guitar duties shared by Matt Story, and Nick Konecny conjure thoughts of the Allman Brothers Band, The Grateful Dead, Moe., and other jam rock greats. Matt brings the bluesy soulful influence to the sound with his deep growling voice. The Tribe's newest addition Ando Alback on percussion adds the world beat feel and really finally gives BMT the "Tribe" part of their sound. Adam Gerber holds down the drums with his tight funky grooves, and thumping double kick drum. Chris Story has fast become one of the areas best keyboardists blending great blues and funk chops with some jazz, and trancy psychadelic synthesizer sounds Chris covers so many layers of sound with his instrument. Not to mention the hip-hop/rock influenced vocals and harmonies he brings to the sound. Rounding out the sound and holding down the bottom end is Ryan Redding on bass. One of the hottest bassists in town he is just as comfortable slapping away or soloing as well as just holding down some tight and tasty grooves. Along with that he adds to the three part vocal attack of The Blue Martian Tribe. BMT was recently selected to play The Gaea Retreat '08, and also won the 10klf cosmic break contest and will share the stage with some great bands at '08 10,000 lakes festival. They have shared the stage with regional and national acts such as The Station, New Monsoon, Madahoochi, Mississippi Flapjacks, Polydypsia, The Balance, The Wholes, Satchel Grande, Jah Roots, Dessa Vibes, and many others. Take the chance to get out and have a "Close Encounter of the Funky Kind" with The Blue Martian Tribe as soon as you can!!!