Loney Dear
Loney Dear Loney, Dear is the one man band with nine members. Loney, Dear is also the disguise of multi-instrumentalist and audio homecooking expert Emil Svanangen. In the tiny, sweltering hot Stockholm studio apartment, or in the cool basement of his parents house is where all the magic happens. The outside world has no idea of what's going on. A few records each year is his M.O., and by new years eve of 2009 all is said to come to a close. Everything is recorded in a very modest homestudio setup, using a minidisc mic and a set of headphones to avoid disturbing his neighbors. When Emil recently moved and had to get rid of his floor lamp, he finally budged and bought his first micstand.

Nils-Emil Svanangen was born on March 26th, 1979 in Jonkoping, Sweden (home of The Cardigans). Most musical impressions were made during his early childhood. Kraftwerk, A-ha and especially Brian Eno's contributions to Joshua Tree especially perked his ears. Emil, age 8, started playing the clarinet, and simultaneously developed keen interest in computers, which allowed for simple 8-bit music programming. This allowed for new musical influences. Ravishing pop and early Synthesizer music was welded together in the chip of the C-64. His early teens focused on troubador style singing and guitar playing, while in his later teens he fronted his own jazz piano trio. A favorite mix tape of that time had Arne Domnerus Septett on A, and Refused on the reverse. In more recent years Emil has developed an almost manic approach to his songwriting. Hard work and more hard work being the only recepy, allowing for experimenting . Textural newcomers include clarinets, floortoms and pumporgans to enhance the sonic landscape surrounding the beautiful melodies that sometimes echo age old church hymns.

"Sologne" is an album filled with themes of love, frustration, confusion and salvation seeking expression in just about anything that produces a sound. The opener "I Fought the Battle of Trinidad and Tobago" relapses back to the waltz troubador in Emil. "Grekerna" features a fractional homeage to Ron Hubbart, the high priest of 80's videogames music, who also receives a wink in "I Love You (in with the arms)". "For 'The City, The Airport' I picked up my old saxophone again to use on the chorus, and it was as if the old geezers who played on ABBA's Waterloo were trapped in there somewhere, disallowing for the song to end up sounding like The Byrds or The Beach Boys which I had originally intended. I guess it just had to be done. Maybe this song is to Loney, Dear what She Loves You is to the Beatles" says Emil.

The Swedish DIY scene is florishing. There are no set rules anymore. By August 2005 Loney, Dear have sold well over three thousand inexpensively homedesiged albums at gigs or by word of mouth alone. Recently Sweden's biggest daily newspaper Dagens Nyheter did a full story on a Loney, Dear CD-R release, sizely overshadowing whatever else the machinery was shoving down the consumer throats. Swedish Radio has so far been playing random tracks from each of the 4 albums. Loney, Dear have shared stages with CLAP YOUR HANDS SAY YEAH and at the prestigeous Accelerator Festival together with Sonic Youth, Bloc Party, Devendra Banhart, Smog, Joanna Newsom, etc. and continue to pave new ground.

Onstage Emil Svanangen is joined by friends Emil Strandberg (trumpet), Malin Stahlberg (vocals, percussion), Oskar Schonning (bass), Oscar Svenningsson (guitar), Ola Hultgren (drums), Samuel Starck (keyboards), Thomas Backman (saxes), and Nils Berg (clarinets). Somebody described the music of Loney, Dear as "Soulful indie folk with a powerful mini orchestra" which is likely the closest call to date. You decide.