Imperial Teen
Imperial Teen Imperial Teen is back!! With sly style and knowing sass, Will, Roddy, Jone and Lynn return with their trademark infectious hooks and impeccable pop sensibilities. Let the party begin!! The Hair the TV the Baby & the Band is the first Imperial Teen record in over 5 years, but it never misses a beat. It’s a career defining album for sure. On first listen you can just feel how much fun these guys and gals are having making music together. From the upbeat shimmy of “Shim Sham” and “Sweet Potato”, to the more reflective cool of “Room With A View” and “What You Do”; from the full on romp of “Everything” and “One Two”, to the seductive vamp of “Fallen Idol”...every song seems pitch perfect. You can sense that this is a band that is comfortable in its own skin. Recorded over three weeks at Kingsize Studios with longtime collaborators Steve McDonald (Redd Kross) and Anna Waronker (That Dog), The Hair... captures the raw spontaneity and chemistry that make Imperial Teen a such unique group of friends and musicians. The members of Imperial Teen have kept themselves busy since last we heard from them, as the title of this album references. But there is no denying that when these four come together, they are more than the sum of their parts. They are a family, and the joy that they share in making music is infectious. So put on your best party shoes and come along for the ride. It’s guaranteed to be fun.