Annie Hayden
Annie Hayden On her new album The Enemy of Love, Annie Hayden follows up her critically acclaimed debut recording, The Rub, with yet another impressive collection of songs that showcase the growth of her exquisite songwriting.

With The Rub, Annie moved beyond her indie-rock background with her former band, Spent, to compose and record her solo debut. Now on The Enemy of Love, Annie has truly come into her own, stripping away all the indie-rock conventions to achieve a sound that distinguishes her songwriting on a record label known for great songwriters. If Merge has become the Brill Building of its day, Annie has just set up office. From the cagey “Cara Mia” to the four-on-the floor bounce of “Your Carnival”, Annie’s orchestration and pop sensibilities make this record required listening as she continues to charm and enthrall with her delicate melodies and crystalline voice. Warm and familiar, the record is in part a nod to some of her musical influences – Lindsay Buckingham/Christine McVie/Fleetwood Mac, The Zombies, Nick Heyward, Todd Rundgren, Moody Blues, Lou Christie and Joan Jett among others. She even takes a fresh look at the Replacements’ classic “Swingin’ Party” and makes it all her own.

Glen Tarachow produced and recorded The Enemy of Love as well as providing percussion, autoharp, violin and some extra keyboards and guitars. Annie handles most of the guitar work, as well as the piano, which is a bit more evident here than on her previous album. This is fitting, as Annie also works as a piano technician at the legendary Steinway & Sons in New York. Peter Retzlaff handled the drum kit, Kevin Barker (Aden, Currituck County) played a mean guitar on “Weather”; and Ron Gozzo played clarinet. Backing vocals came courtesy of Flying Winnebago. The record was recorded at the also legendary Kaufman Astoria Studios in Queens, NY, studio home of Law & Order, Sex and the City and the positively legendary Sesame Street.

The Enemy of Love, brought to you by the letters Q and Z, the number 11 and the sublime songwriting of Annie Hayden.