Infradig Infradig is electro-funk-IDM for humans. This TN based band replicates electronic music in real time unlike anyone else. Sometimes dark, always emotive, Infradig channels the spirits of artists like Prefuse 73, DJ Shadow, Kruder and Dorphmeister, Squarepusher, and Dntel. Hot off of the band’s first appearance at BONNAROO ‘06, Infradig is beginning to garner attention for its unique perspective on electro music. Infradig's latest recording, The Graveltooth EP (4,000 of which were distributed throughout Bonnaroo ‘06), shows more clearly than ever Infradig's new direction and sense of genre splicing: orchestrating analogue and digital textures through complex composition with tasteful post-production tweaking and shaping. They have found a place between jazz/fusion and turntablism that satiates both the enthusiastic dancer and avid listener. It's been called electro-funk/groove-hop - hard to describe, but easy to recognize with hard hitting grooves and bold forays into a realm rarely ventured by a band of live musicians in real-time.