Hotel Lights
Hotel Lights "Mr. Jessee's murmuring, barely-there vocals compliment his bandmates' lulling folk-rock. The album's title track--a tender, piano-driven lament--could ably serve as a soundtrack for any long drive home."--THE NEW YORK TIMES

"Even in Jessee's most introspective moments, the sparkling folk-pop arrangements of Hotel Lights conjure a breezy autumn whimsy."--SPIN

"The craft of Firecracker People is nothing short of superb. 4 stars" ALL MUSIC GUIDE

"It's the songwriting that is the true marvel here, deceptively quiet and unassuming, they have the capacity to steal away into your soul."--POP MATTERS

"capturing the giant magnitude of tiny moments. Shine on you crazy diamond in the rough." -MAGNET

Small town waitresses, naked palm readers, walking home in the cold, pay phones and trains. Hotel Lights, from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, plays melancholy and beautiful songs about small, human scenes-- spot lit moments enclosed and illuminated. Isn't it rare that a band seems so aptly named?