Eric Bachmann
Eric Bachmann Recording under the moniker Crooked Fingers since 2000, Bachmann has released four albums of charmingly melancholic music that have earned him a reputation as arguably one of the finest singer-songwriters to emerge in recent years.

Markedly different than 2005's highly praised and most immediately accessible Crooked Fingers' release Dignity and Shame (Merge) - which received 4-star reviews from Details and Maxim, while "(giving the) stale singer-songwriter consortium a nice kick in the pants" (Alternative Press) - To The Races is as skeletally spare as it is insightful and restrained. It is fitting that Bachmann chose such an austere album as the first Eric Bachmann solo release: no pretenses, no pseudonyms, no ornamentation - qualities that also mirror the album's writing and recording process: To The Races was mainly written in the summer of 2005 while Bachmann voluntarily chose to live in the back of his touring van.

After making the best of the hospitable Northwestern summer by setting up home and shop in his vehicle, Bachmann waited until December to record To The Races in only a week's time, self-recording its entirety in a hotel in the Outer Banks town of Buxton, NC. Joined on only a few songs by Devotchka's violinist Tom Hagerman and Austin, TX's Miranda Brown on backing vocals, To The Races is a stunning collection of songs examining both self-imposed isolation and the search for human connection.