Dr. Zhivegas
Dr. Zhivegas "Somebody get me a doctor..." David Lee Roth 1979

Heart pumping and pulse pounding, DRZHIVEGAS (pronounced Doctor-zhi-vegas) delivers the kind of rock you feel below the waist! It is that raspy in your face vocal that causes a sly smile as you start to rock your head back, it is it is dirty bass that compels you to the dance floor, those huge guitar riffs and the endless quake of big bottomed drums...... dare you lose your spot on the floor?

It is that intersection where where hard and heavy rock meets disco? Equal parts big guitars,big hooks and a big beats.

They have combined that lust worthy dance-rock flavor with a glam-core touch and it has become their calling card, warranting hundreds of sold-out performances, a multitude of dance crazed fans, and a debut album oozing with a scandalous groove all its own

"I like the kind of music that makes people feel alive, sexy and unable to sit still." says lead singer Frankie Muriel.

The core of DRZHIVEGAS is led by front man Frankie Muriel (vocals), Paul Chickey (drums), Cub Smith (bass) and Dee Dee 'Muggs' James (guitar) transforms into a 10-piece band on tour adding synthesizers, additional guitar, horns, and background singers to form this unstoppable wall of sound live.

The groups humble beginnings as a disco cover band have been surpassed and over 1,500 shows later, legions of fans have jammed into venues across the midwest for a shot of that in your face, fierce, rock meets dance club funk.

DRZHIVEGAS' debut album, GET DOWN is a powerful mash up of sweaty dance grooves served with a cock-sure swagger . DRZ is writing the prescription for a return to old school ass-shaking rock and roll. Although they are veterans to the Midwest music scene the unintentional phenomenon that is DRZHIVEGAS has only just begun.