Rachael Cantu
Rachael Cantu Her guitar rambles like Jack Elliott and Woody Guthrie, her lyrics haunt like Dylan and Elliott Smith, and her voice is sweet and torn like Bjork and Patty Griffin – as if they all had their hands on her strings, their breath in her gut.

Rachael began her career as frontwoman for the Southern California band Quite Satellite, playing dates throughout L.A. and San Diego and opening for acts such as the Get Up Kids, Saves the Day and Karate. Breaking away from the band, Rachael honed her skills as a solo performer sharing stages with the Shipping News and members of Luscious Jackson.

In the last year or so, she’s recorded songs with Limbeck, Kori Gardner of Mates of State, and Jason Gnewikow of The Promise Ring. After relocating to the East Coast music mecca of Boston, Rachael caught the ears of many respected musicians including Tony Goddess (Papas Fritas) and Tegan and Sara --- some of whom have contributed their talents to the recording of Rachael's Q Division Records debut, Run All Night, 8 songs that showcase Rachael's memorable vocals and indie rock sensibility.

“Follow me down to the parlor, let’s have another drink,” Cantu pleads in the title-track. “I want people to listen to this album and see a moment that they didn’t want to end,” Rachael says about the song and album as a whole. “When you meet someone and you stay up all night, and then you realize it’s eight in the morning.” Her songs, often accompanied by cello, organ and up-right bass, blend to create a sophisticated yet youthful sound that evoke both the raw, bleeding guitar riffs of traditional blues, and the dark, anguished experimental sound of today’s indie-rock scene.

When she’s not on the road, Rachael splits her time between Boston and her native Los Angeles: “Both coasts are important places to be when doing music,” she said, “I’m not just an LA person or a NY or Boston person. Living like this is my way of being everywhere.” Captivating as a solo performer or with a band, Rachael has cultivated a substantial fan base and garnered widespread acclaim for her live performances, opening for artists such as Keren Ann, Dear Nora, Ben Lee, and for Tegan and Sara on two recent North American tours, winning over crowds and building a nationwide following.