Birdmonster In a landscape of copycats and safe bets, Birdmonster pride themselves on taking as many musical twists and turns as possible. Their self-titled EP reveals a sound that is simultaneously raw, edgy and original. One of the standout tracks "All the Holes In the Walls," moves from country to rock to alternative, without losing integrity. Though it was made on a shoestring budget, and consists of only three songs, the EP showcases the band's diversity and appreciation for pared-down production. (Scroll to the end of the article for a free MP3, courtesy of Birdmonster)

The Northern California-based band frequents many Southland venues, and recently wrapped-up a gig at Spaceland. On Tuesday we spoke to two of the four members of Birdmonster: Peter Arcuni (Vocals, Guitar) and David Klein (Guitar, Backing Vocals). The remaining two bandmates are Zach Winter (Drums) and Justin Tenuto (Bass).

If their sound is hard to classify, the band is not—they're hard-working and down-to-earth. They share a common intensity when it comes to crafting songs. Birdmonster truly want to enjoy the music-making process, and doubly hope that their fans share in that endeavor. The quartet also hope to escape the gimmicks that often overshadow many of their peer's albums. Like negative space in design, the band believes that less is more when it comes to production—the breathing room gives emphasis to the heavier parts.