Casey Driessen
Casey Driessen At the age of 27 Casey Driessen has built a resume that would make a player twice his age proud…but then, he started young. Encouraged by his father’s love of music, Driessen held his first fiddle at the age of six. Suzuki lessons gave way to instruction and guidance from some of the genres most progressive and talented players. Darol Anger, Vassar Clements, Byron Berline and a host of others influenced Driessen’s style and provided guidance in his budding career. Four years at the Berklee College of Music under the tutelage of Matt Glaser proved to the young musician what he already knew- that a professional music career was to be his path.

That path has so far brought Casey Driessen on to the stage with folks that he grew up listening to and learning from -- and a few others who gained that respect along the way. Steve Earle took Driessen on his first road gig- with his venerable Bluegrass Dukes. Tim O’Brien, also a Duke and a long time mentor to Driessen, took the young fiddle player on full-time shortly after he moved to Nashville. Since, Driessen has worked with a host others, including Darrell Scott, Béla Fleck, Jim Lauderdale, Lee Ann Womack, Mark Schatz, and John Doyle. Session work with the likes of Steve Earle, Tim O’Brien, Darol Anger, John Mayer and Blue Merle has put his sound on record. Most recently Driessen has completed an instructional video (showcasing his signature rhythmic “chop” style), toured China on an embassy sponsored excursion, and recorded on the soundtrack for the Johnny Cash movie Walk the Line. Currently, Casey is appearing with the Tim O’Brien Band, Darrell Scott, and Steve Earle’s Bluegrass Dukes. On varios occasions, you may find him performing music from his debut record, 3D, with his own band of rotating characters, The Colorfools.