Hoots & Hellmouth
Hoots & Hellmouth Around the turn of the year twenty-aught-5, forces were conspiring in the college town of West Chester, Pennsylvania. Some say these forces were disembodied spirits migrating toward a spiritual nexus. Others say the holy ghosts of the almighty himself had descended upon the town seeking out willing vessels. Hard to tell for sure...

Our heroes, Hoots and Hellmouth, were already acquainted with one another at this particular point in time. They had both been involved in Philadelphia-area powerhouse ensembles – Pilot Round The Sun and Midiron Blast Shaft. Their respective paths had previously ripped across the country, leaving a trail of shock and awe in the eyes, ears, hearts and souls of those they met. Then, one by one, the pieces began to fall away, as is the tale of many a good band.

Both Hoots and Hellmouth still yearned to make music, but in their hearts they sensed a sea change…a shifting in the winds (holy ghosts?). The half-stacks and drum kits that had propelled their musical visions thus far had run their course. It was time for something different. They burrowed inside acoustic guitars and found fertile soil.

The early collaborations yielded much fruit. Discovering shared passions and visions, the two peeled off songs like so many ripe bananas. Their repertoire grew, as did the legend of their live expression. Stomps and hollers beneath soulful singing were the hallmarks of the spare yet explosive performances.

Feeling the need to share this fiery spirit with the world, Hoots & Hellmouth headed south in the early days of summer to play for the kind folks there. The Good Doctor Berliner, an expatriot from Hoots' former ensemble, accompanied them on their journey adding to the acoustic alchemy. Fresh inspiration was the order of the day, and the people drank it unto drunkeness.

Hoots & Hellmouth returned zealous with grandiose visions for what lay ahead. They called upon the talents of Sister Krista to bow cello strings over their guitars…another creative boon. Studio time was booked post haste and a replica of that weekend's rafter-shaking work is now available for the public's edification.

Equipped with recordings and an ever-growing sense of purpose, Hoots & Hellmouth are poised to expand their influence. The spirit of the music inside and among these willing vessels propels them. Their ambition goes beyond the region…beyond the country, really. This is music for the masses. They just don't know it yet.