Lumpy Gravy (PA)
Lumpy Gravy (PA) Williamsport's own jam band, Lumpy Gravy, was formed when Owen MacDonald and Brett Kahn, former members of Kind-a-Mind, began jamming with Mike and John Snyder. Doug McMinn, who played with MacDonald in the George Wesley Band, signed on in the spring of 1998, along with percussionist Ken Damilio. Now, two drummers and three bass players later, Gravy has a new lease on life. MacDonald (guitar, vocals) and McMinn (sax, guitar, vocals) are joined by Aaron Sauers on drums and Jimmy Lovcik on bass in the refurbished lineup. Sauers' jazzy, eccentric style and Lovcik's solid but imaginative bass work keep the famous Gravy groove going at peak efficiency. Lovcik has played hundreds of gigs in the last five years with the widely touring Strawberry Jam and Jack's Farm, While Sauers comes to the band from Downside Sounder and many other local acts including early punk band.....Swan Dive. "Mango", the bands 2002 CD release, has been well received and the band has nearly finished a second CD of original music. All of the songs we have posted now are from "Mango". We will post songs off our latest CD (featuring newest members Aaron Sauers and Jimmy Lovcik) when it is completed.