New Orleans Jazz Orchestra
New Orleans Jazz Orchestra Under the artistic direction of Irvin Mayfield, The New Orleans Jazz Orchestra (NOJO) has created a permanent national performing arts and education organization to celebrate America ’s own native musical form, with roots in the birthplace of jazz, New Orleans.

More than just a jazz ensemble, NOJO harnesses the “universal language” of music, bringing together the forces of New Orleans ’ unique international reputation to build a new model to proliferate jazz. This new model promotes and strengthens the region’s bid to become a diverse, world-class business and cultural center. As such, NOJO has immediate impact on the artistic, social, economic, and educational aspects of the community.

By offering impeccable music that is supported by institutional and advancement capabilities of the highest standards, NOJO has established a permanent base for the New Orleans jazz heritage, of which the American people are justifiably proud.

The New Orleans Jazz Orchestra is a non-profit organization operated in the public interest. Contributions to support NOJO’s work are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.