The Detroit Cobras
The Detroit Cobras Crawling out from the weed-choked lots of the once proud town, The Detroit Cobras whip out ass-shaking anthems to good times, wild times, and the high and lows of L-U-V; you best believe it and you best not mess with it. Singer Rachel Nagy and guitarist Mary Ramirez are the bad girls by the exit doors at the school dance, all leather and heels, sneaking smokes and passing the flask. They have no time for dewy-eyed love songs or girl group decorum; they’ll take care of business themselves with a bat of the eye or an elbow to the kidney. Rachel’s "warm as the bourbon under the seat of your car" voice can boom to the back pews (Did we say "pews?" We meant "barstools") and Mary’s riffs let you know that love and good times can be found in the tilt of a hip or at the end of a fist.

And you don't have to take our word for it:

"No offense to Amy Winehouse, but it was the Cobras‚ Rachel Nagy who first reinvented the 60s soul-pop diva as a boozy, punk-informed, smart-mouthed chanteuse in the late 90s." Falling James LA Weekly

"Your average Best Buying doofus won't give a damn about any of it, but one thing I've noticed about the Detroit Cobras is that if you actually play them for someone that knows nothing about them, or you take someone to see a show, the band's so totally infectious and convincing that you'll have a new convert on your hands in no time." Jeff Clark Stomp and Stammer

"…the Cobras do the unthinkable: make rock n’ roll simple, fun and irresponsible." Bruce Miller, Magnet

"When Nagy’s voice cracks and breaks on “You’ll Never Change,” it achieves the Platonic ideal of horndog pathos, a rallying cry to every sadomasochistic, co-dependent, sorry-ass fool who ever drunk-dialed an ex. Tied and True, indeed.” Rene’ Saller, Illinois Times

"Combining girl-group hooks and harmonies with high-octane, Motor City garage rock, the Detroit Cobras conjure the 1960s era of Top 40 AM radio and vinyl 45s…singer Rachel Nagy has attitude to burn and the mixed-gender band plays with plenty of rough-hewn energy." Don McLeese, AMAZON.COM

"The Detroit Cobras come across as the type of band that challenges the audience to have as much fun as they're having onstage, but at the same time they deliver musically. One moment you're struggling to keep up with their energy, and then you're struck by the soul and emotion they project. Now that's rock and roll." Rebecca Carter Relix

"The Cobras' secret weapon is frontwoman/human tornado Rachel Nagy, a mesmerizing mash up of Dusty Springfield, Neko Case, Chrissie Hynde and Ronnie Spector." Brian Baker Amplifier

"The Detroit Cobras have hit upon a magic formula: record old songs that hardly anybody knows and then sit back while the world jacks you off for being so damn cool." Bust Magazine