Little Big Fat
Little Big Fat Do you think jambase ever regrets being called a jam base? Do you think it tells the media during interviews that its not really a jam base but more of a database that represents an amalgam of variegated genres and styles, from West African juju to electronic soundscapes, peppered with a little psychedelic bluegrass and dub reggae. Do you think it would rather be called simply showbase or livebase? Maybe indiebase? Did "they" forget to tell jambase that jamming just isn't so cool anymore?

Well "they" must have forgotten to tell Little Big Fat, too. LBF sets itself apart by embracing the conventional wisdom and eating it for lunch. Here you have five guys that do not dabble in stretching-it-out, mindless vamping over three chords to create an extended live version, or carefully plotted fakery disguised as improv.

No, Little Big Fat consistently and confidently tickles the warm nuglets of its audience simply by exposing themselves -- stepping on stage and establishing a collective space that encourages creativity in the moment, listening and reacting, and being locked in with each other. They serve up a juicy tenderloin of musical changes, covered in the dripping fat of those smile inducing, anything-can-happen moments of excitement.

Guitarists Nathan Breen and Jimmy Concklin have allowed their decades-old musical relationship to realize its full potential with Craig Urban on bass and Adam Cortese on drums. As a unit, their mix of raucous and challenging original songs and intriguing covers signify a band of substance, a worthy foundation for their inspired, no holds barred approach to improvisation.

If you ever find yourself nostalgic for a something that never existed... If you find yourself questioning the backlash against something that was never popular enough to warrant one... Little Big Fat beckons you and is willing to oblige your dirty little secret.

If you blinked, you missed it, but there was period of time, folded away and forgotten by many of us, ignored or dismissed by others, when people actually craved this shit, scheduled their lives around it, dumped considerable resources just to be in the room for that five minutes of peak improvisational glory. Sound familiar? Sound appealing? Then get the fuck out there and see Little Big Fat.