Jens Lekman
Jens Lekman From now until the US July tour I will be composing and recording. There will be a few random appearances , including this mondays show with Maher Shalal Hash Baz in Gothenburg and the lovely Primavera Festival in June. But i've been trying really hard lately to say no to all other shows. I gotta focus here. I have a handful of songs ready, not that many , but a few that I feel very confident in. I would say they're in the same vein as my old material. I can't hide my love for popmusic and I feel like I have an outlet for my other ideas through my self released records. So in some way it will be a poprecord.

I've been neglecting Sweden for a long time now and I feel bad about that. As soon as I have a new record released or at least finished I will head out on the longest Swedish tour ever. Have stage, will travel. I wanna do a tour in the south just by myself , on a little moped or something, and visit every little smalltown. I could play in libraries or at gasstations, whatever is the centre of your place. But first - the north. Still so unexplored to me. Maybe I'll go in the winter when the light is gone. And then the middle, I might even go to Stockholm !