Sosos Lush vocal harmonies over dead dry acoustic music down to the 1920's church pump organ makes sosos shine platinum! It's Acoustic Roots Rock Soul with a twist of Acid Jazz...

So what makes sosos different? They keep audiences captive. No one gets lost. It's smart, simple music that grabs the average ear as well as the refined. You can put sosos in any room anywhere to play in front of anyone and they'll make them groove. It's not often you see a band drag out a 1920's church organ to gigs and jam on it. It's music from the root!

Intruments include: Guitar, Djembe, Harmonium, Bass, Kit Drums, Mandolin, Dumbek, Melodica, Piano, Harmonica, Skeleton keys, an old church Pump Organ, Shakers and a hand full of miscellaneous wierd intruments.