The HippoCampus
The HippoCampus The HippoCampus roots began back in 1996 when Tom McBreen started ripping up the guitar and Ray Clark rented his first bass. A year later at the age of 14 they had already written their first song and started playing local talent shows with various drummers. Fast forward to 2001, close friend Neil Douglass, having never so much as picked up a drum stick, decided to teach himself how to play the drums. A year later the three were writing original compositions and performing their own music live around clubs and bars in Connecticut and Massachusetts.

For the past ten years, The HippoCampus has created a sound that combines alternative rock and electronica, with improvisational moments in between. They have busted out their sound to blow minds at various music festivals throughout the northeast and have shared the stage with The New Deal, Brothers Past, Future Rock, among other prominent acts in the rock/electronic scene. Look for The HippoCampus blowing your mind at show near you!