Nick Africano
Nick Africano -“ sound[s] like the unholy lovechild of Bob Dylan and Jeff Tweedy… [he] has a classic, old-fashioned feel, effortlessly full of the blues, eminently hummable.” -The Mac Weekly

“I sing a song to save my life,” writes Africano in the ending line of his song, “Cap and Bells,” suggesting at once a mature self-awareness and sincerity, and a kind of necessary dedication to his art. His music expresses a search for authenticity, both patient and impatient. He grew up in Bloomington/Normal, IL. Africano now lives in Minneapolis, having recently graduated from Macalester College in May, 2005. Over the last four years, while in school, he performed regularly, both alone and with various groups in Illinois and in Minnesota. However, with more time to devote to his music, Africano is excited to perform more frequently. Broken, a five song EP is Africano’s first and only studio recording, released in August, 2005, recorded at David Weber’s Air Time Studios in Bloomington, IN. Here he had the privilege to record with his drummer Tyler Wood and bassist Jack Helsley. Thus far Africano has shared bills with artists such as Susan Werner, Head of Femur, Beau Kinstler, Mary Bue, Matthew Ryan and Backyard Tire Fire, among others. His songs are rooted in the blues, but always have one foot somewhere else, be it jazz, soul, folk, or rock. His lyrics are at once simple and sophisticated, poetic, yet colloquial. Nick currently performs in a quintet of talented, eclectic musicians in the Twin Cities (Greg and Dan Walz-Chojnaki, Mike Vasich, and Jack Finnie) who form the group now called OVER/UNDER.