Mike Dillon's Go-Go Jungle
Mike Dillon's Go-Go Jungle Mike Dillon, the only punk rock vibraphonist on the planet, takes his trio on the road this spring. Supporting the free-spirited musician are bassist JJ "Jungle" Richards, and drummer Go-Go Ray Pollard. Together, they are Mike Dillon's GoGo Jungle. The band embarks on its inaugural tour this month. First date is in Kansas City, MO and the tour takes them through Colorado, Idaho and Montana.

Mike Dillon started playing the vibraphone when he was on work release from prison. After a six-month morphine binge, he was penniless and looking for a fix. He broke into his neighborhood high school, stole a ratty old vibraphone, and got to work learning some Monk tunes. Mike spent the 90's touring with his band called Billy Goat, starting drum riots and inventing sweaty nude dance crazes. All the while miraculously never getting arrested. It was then that he started performing with Go-Go Ray. After Billy Goat disbanded, Mike started the Austin based party band, Hairy Apes BMX. JJ "Jungle" Richards also from Billy Goat collaborated with Dillon as the bassist of that band. It is from the depths of this musical history that Mike Dillon's Go-Go Jungle was born.

See the punk-rock vibe trio yourself to believe it.