Common Market
Common Market DJ/producer Sabzi and emcees Geologic, RA Scion and Gabriel Teodros have come together to form Mass Line, a new Seattle-based independent record label with upcoming releases from Blue Scholars, Common Market and Gabriel Teodros ( Abyssinian Creole ).

MassLine's philosophy rejects the notion of art for arts sake, acknowledging that cultural arts is a hammer with which communities can reshape society. Through the medium of Hiphop music, combined with grassroots community organizing and a DIY ethic, we use music not simply to entertain, but to educate and empower.

Mass Line believes that the people, and the people alone, are the motivating force in shaping world history. We recognize the intrinsic revolutionary power of youth, many of whom get their education and world view primarily through arts and culture rather than academics or mainstream media. Mass Line will release compelling music that is critical and relevant and promotes social responsibility. The label will be a means to organizing in our local community. Beyond simply functioning as a record label, we seek to provide a space for service projects, community education and outreach, cultural productions and resources for politicizing our district's young people.

Mass Line's first release was a 12" vinyl version of Common Market's "Connect For;" a rally-cry for the unification of Seattle's Hiphop community. The B-side will feature a brand new remix of "Every Last One" complete with guest appearances from Geologic (Blue Scholars) and Gabriel Teodros (Abyssinian Creole). Coming February 27th is Gabriel Teodros' "Lovework", and then in May is the new Blue Scholars.