Rob Dread
Rob Dread THE KINDREAD MUSIC ASSOCIATION (KMA) evolved in 1997 on the extremely competitive reggae music scene in Columbus, Oh (home of Skankland) out of one of OHIO’S TOP RANKING reggae music institutions, the original DUB ENFORCEMENT AGENCY (DEA). With its roots planted deep in the soil of Roots Reggae, Funk, R&B, Blues, Rock and various Classical styles, KMA instantly took reggae to new heights. The flavor of the music was roots but somehow it was also more. With the aid of Brother Dougie Simpson, Rob Dread captured the early sound on the REN Records/Sharkface Records and Tapes CD entitled KMA Volume 1.

In the year 1999, Rob Dread moved KMA headquarters to a scenic and peaceful location in Lexington, KY. By design, this was to be the place he would begin cultivating the sound known as “Reggaedelic”… which is reggae + funk + cayenne pepper + nutmeg and some other stuff that has no name.

From its very inception, each configuration of the KMA has included powerhouse talent from across the globe and has featured some of Kentucky’s 5-star musical artists. Also, from its inception, the KMA has been as relentless in its approach to crowd pleasing as it has been in its approach to sonic freedom.