Mercury Landing
Mercury Landing Mercury Landing is an original five-piece, funk-infused party rock band based in New York City. They are known for their danceable songwriting, progressive composition, enveloping improvisation, introspective lyrics, as well as a poignant blend of musical styles. In November 2007, Mercury Landing released their debut album, EYES AGAINST THE SKY, which received rave reviews. They have covered artists like the Talking Heads, Eric Clapton, the Rolling Stones as well as theme music like Pink Panther, Tetris, or Megaman. Their high energy stage show gets fans singing and jumping with their music. You would be hard pressed to find a rock show more fun than Mercury Landing.

Background Info:
Mercury Landing emerged in the heart of New York City on December 30th, 2005. The project was originally the brainchild of NYU students Corey J. Feldman and Dan Haller who performed as a duo called "Dr. UHall" as early as February 2004. Nate Rosler responded to a "" internet classified ad, and he first played with the band in the summer of 2005. Rich Brownstein had known Corey from his freshmen year at NYU, and he joined the band in the fall of 2005 after seeing a Main Stage performance at the Knitting Factory with Tea Leaf Green. The members of Mercury Landing had performed with five different lead guitar players before they found Dave Rosenthal, a jazz guitar student studying at the Manhattan School of Music. Dave first performed with Mercury Landing on June 30th, 2007. He was immediately recruited for the highly anticipated album effort.

Known Accomplices:
Tea Leaf Green, RAQ, the Adam Deitch Project featuring Eric Krasno, Strangefolk, Lotus, Perpetual Groove, Pnuma Trio, the Breakfast, Granola Funk Express, New Monsoon, Licorice, DJ Logic, DJ Harry. Access to an unabridged list available at:

Quotes and Buzz:
"New York’s Mercury Landing have touched upon a unique fusion of space-rock, synthesizer fueled electronica and old school jam that is both progressive and comfortably familiar. The group’s first full length album, Eyes Against the Sky, is an enjoyable mash of fast paced instrumental passages and more heartfelt, introspective vocal moments." --Mike Greenhaus, Relix Magazine

"Eyes Against the Sky is the perfect soundtrack to a key party—swinging music for swingers with lots of funky guitar and keyboard action."--Abby Aronofsky, Penthouse Magazine

"Eyes Against the Sky is an eclectic mix of funk and rock music. It is a great listen from front to back, which is a rarity in today's music world." --John Pasquale, Booking and Event Planning for Hard Rock Cafe

"If Mercury Landing isn’t already on your iPod or in your CD player then you are going to be left behind. With funky beats and choreographed instrumentation, they are what the Dave Mathews Band was before they hit the commercial market. If you are in college and looking for something to call your own, I suggest Mercury Landing." --Liberty Devitto, drummer 30 years for Billy Joel