Schmitz Brothers Band
Schmitz Brothers Band The Schmitz Brothers are a dynamic family band whose effortless harmonies and skilled musicianship you won’t soon forget.

The bands line up includes father Dave Schmitz on guitar and vocals, twin sons Tim and Dave on guitar, bass, and vocals, and Dennis Pitsch on drums.

The majority of Schmitz Brothers set lists are made up mostly of tunes that the Grateful Dead and related bands have played. From the early PigPen blues tunes to the Motown covers favored by the Jerry Garcia band, from bluegrass, traditional, and Reggae tunes, to the GD show highlights from their long touring career, you will hear many of your favorites. Schmitz Brothers set lists vary greatly from show to show so you will usually hear something you haven’t heard at a SB show whenever you see them, including originals and tunes played by The Beatles, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Rolling Stones, The Band, Dylan, Hendrix, The Who, etc.

From outdoor festivals and special events, to clubs, restaurants and coffee houses, the Schmitz Brothers band continues to please audiences everywhere.