Supergrass After the successes of three platinum selling albums, 'I Should Coco' in 1995, 'In It For The Money' in 1997, and 'Supergrass' (aka 'The X-ray Album') in 1999, Supergrass have recently released their fourth album 'Life On Other Planets'.

This talented group of musicians formed Supergrass in 1994 after failing in the job market as factory worker (Gaz Coombes), plunger-dishwasher (Mick Quinn), dinner lady (Danny Goffey) and astrophysicist (Robert Coombes).

They are a band who make joyous, moving, vivid vignettes to the madness of human existence, whose's string of successes include, 'Caught by the Fuzz', 'Alright', 'Richard III', 'Sun Hits the Sky', 'Going Out', 'Pumping on Your Stereo' and 'Moving'. Eight years of touring has established Supergrass as one of the most highly regarded and accomplished live bands in the country.

The band took a break after touring the X-ray album, but in January 2002, armed with wine, cigarettes and acoustic guitars, they barricaded themselves into a villa in the South of France for "two months of getting pissed on red wine and scoffing French food". Here began a musical odyssey that would later become 'Life on Other Planets' (L.O.O.P.).

"We had a laugh playing guitars, writing songs, and generally hanging out. We 'lived it large' and kept it real'. Being together in France felt just like the old days, when we all lived together on the Cowley Road (Oxford)". The relaxed atmosphere pulled the band together and gave them an element of focus. It put them in a positive state of mind and created the vibe and energy that would set the tone for the album.

Supergrass returned home with minidiscs full of ideas and, over the next couple of months, hung out at each others houses giving structure to the music, and turning ideas into songs.

The album came together when they got into the studio with Tony Hoffer, "this cool Californian dude" who is best known for his work with Air and Beck. Says Mick, "It is the first time we have used a producer since 'I Should Coco'. Tony has tickled the album's scrotum with his cheeky west coast touches". The bulk of the album was recorded at Helioscentric Studio in Sussex and at Rockfield Studios, near Monmouth in Wales.

The songs on 'Life On Other Planets' are upbeat, uplifting and full of energy. Already released on a limited 7" is 'Never Done Nothing Like That Before' which is, says Danny, "a really hard XTC punk song about being young and ill and doing time for the PTA". Another track, 'Prophet 15' is named after the late 70's synthesiser which set the astral mood for much of the album. Says Gaz,"Prophet 15 is an odd dream sequence; you're not sure if you're dead or just dreaming that you're dead". Other songs like 'Seen The Light' and 'Can't Get Up' and the new single 'Grace' have that signature Supergrass catchiness that will make you want to sing your guts out.

Supergrass are a band with a singular identity and a universal spirit. It's the band's obscure take on life, it's darkness, joy and humour that make Supergrass so unique.

Listen to Supergrass because life's too short not to.