Shaky Trade
Shaky Trade Shaky Trade - High energy funk rock in the vein of Galactic, Orgone, Tower of Power, and The New Mastersounds. Download Shaky Trade's latest CD for FREE when you join their free email newsletter at

Shaky Trade was formed in 2004 in the sleepy mountain town of Ogden, UT. Huddled together in the back room of a tile shop, six local musicians began to concoct a patented mix of sounds. Energetic horn riffs collided with inventive bass lines, along with the charismatic yowl of Billy Bommer Jr. on lead vocals. The Shaky sound was born.

The band soon accumulated a large local following, thanks to the catchy original material and their high energy live act. In 2007, Shaky Trade traveled to San Francisco to record their self titled debut album. A year later, they teamed with local music impresario Jed Keipp to record and release their second effort, Code Green. Opening slots for the likes of John Scofield and Soulive soon followed.

In 2011, the band recorded and released their third effort, EP(iphany). This recording unveiled the newly revamped rhythm section, featuring the subtleties of Ryan Conger on keyboards and the otherworldly soulfulness of Brad Wright on guitar. The band's restless creative spirit has led to numerous recent collaborations with diverse artists; including the gritty MC Rhagenetix Beal, righteous soul belter Leguiya Jordan, and the Park City popster Rich Wyman. Forging ever ahead into the future, the band continues their tradition of constantly composing funky new burners and captivating audiences with their own homegrown blend of potent groove.