From Monument To Masses
From Monument To Masses Since the beginning of From Monument To Masses, it was agreed that the project would be used as a creative lab for revolutionary social change. FMTM maintains that art and culture cannot exist separately from the world but should rather be celebrated in service of the People. With this in mind, FMTM upholds an anti-imperialist perspective and seeks ways to push their listeners to question, reflect, and get involved.

"And how can we expect anyone to listen if we are using the same old voice? We need noise..."
- Refused

No vocals? Drum machines? Guitar loops? Samples? Is FMTM's sonic arsenal just a trendy gimmick, or is something truly different? One would be hard-pressed to get the band to say that they're creating "new" or "original" music; they honestly believe that they're just products of their experiences. However, they do make an effort at providing audiences with challenges, whether they be in the form of (rare) unamplified vocals or writing ten minute songs. Simply put, the approach is to house progressive ideology in a progressive format. "But what's with the lack of vocals?" The whole rock notion of "lead vocalists" and "frontmen" don't really fit into FMTM. First, there isn't a decent voice among the lot. Aside from that, there's a desire to create space for movements to "voice" themselves through archival samples...a strategy that will hopefully bring people to seek out the People's history as well as plug into today's continued struggle.

"All our literature and art are for the masses of the people..."
- Mao Tse-tung

FMTM believes in being rooted in the People and creating art that highlights the power of the People to organize themselves for liberation. Given this, it's important to emphasize that one learns most about making change, not by talking or singing about it only, but by engaging in the Work. Each member believes in taking part in community organizing and movement events in the Bay Area. All of this is done to ensure the project's continual political development as well as establish a measure of community accountability.

"The work: to make revolution irresistible."
- Toni Cade Bambara