Josh Roberts and the Hinges
Josh Roberts and the Hinges Josh Roberts and the Hinges formed in early 2005 in Columbia, SC and immediately began touring and recording. Embedded in their style of rock and roll are blues, country, punk and soul influences that link elegant harmonies with the raunchy guitar work of Josh Roberts. Their powerful sound is raw and uncompromising, creating new rock and roll anthems that leave their dedicated fans speechless…and sometimes exhausted, yet always wanting more.

"I want to cross folk mystery with country and blues emotion and AC/DC power," said Josh Roberts. "We want to make melting pot American music, real rock and roll music with the roots showing."

Josh Roberts and the Hinges are Josh Roberts (guitar, vocals), Leslie Branham (guitar, banjo, vocals), Corey Stephens (bass, vocals), Robert Walker (guitar) and Dennis Ware (drums).

Their first album, "The Sugar Bird Test" was released in September 2005, almost immediately following the formation of The Hinges. It's a bash-it-out, live-in-the-studio rock record, with vocal parties and spontaneous songwriting. Leslie was living in Europe at the time, and she and Josh (who are now engaged) were writing each other constantly, laying the foundation for their relationship from an ocean away. The album is largely a love letter from Josh to her, mixed with some traditional folk themes. "The Sugar Bird Test" received excellent reviews for its ear-blowing guitar riffs and catchy, engaging choruses.

In 2007, the band released "My War Cry is Amor." Produced by Alan Moon and recorded at Tom and Julie Hall's 1860 plantation house, Josh's farmhouse and Vinyl-Atlanta, "My War Cry is Amor" is a cinematic, emotional and literary Thanksgiving dinner of rock. Although each song stands powerfully alone, this is truly an album, one that explores the dualities of man and God, love and war, and true life and death, all with virtuoso musicianship and the kind of happy accidents that made it exciting for the band to make and intriguing for fans to hear. The title is a quote from mythologist and philosopher Joseph Cambell, taken from his interpretation of the numerous versions of the story of the search for the Holy Grail. Some songs were co-written by Ryan Monroe, a member of Band of Horses and Josh's former bandmate in Captain Easy.

Josh released a solo album titled "Are You Going to Eat That?" in 2008, which was recorded at Brakentracks in Columbia, SC and produced by Alan Moon. Josh had been doing solo/duo acoustic music for years, but had never released a proper record, so the time seemed right for a new endeavor. Josh was joined in the studio by Larry Gornto (original Hinges drummer), Harris Gardner (mandolin), Dennis Steele (pedal steel), Alan Moon (bass), and Leslie Branham and Nicole Hagenmeyer (vocals).

"Roberts has been making music – good music – for a long while, but on…‘My War Cry is Amor,' the son-of-a-gun painted his masterpiece. All hyperbole aside, ‘My War Cry is Amor' is a sprawling, cinemascopic set of blessed Rock'n'Roll that only the south seems capable of producing." — Kevin Langston, Free Times (Columbia, SC)

"Roberts, a scrappy singer with smoke tinged vocals, speaks like a philosopher." — Otis Taylor, The State (Columbia, SC)