Craig Cardiff
Craig Cardiff Singer-songwriter. Prone to fits of edginess and obnoxious honesty. Songs about being barefoot; being full of cancer; about pouring yourself out; being worth love; being the kite that gets caught on the power-lines; being a geek; about driving out February; songs about you. Thank you very much for your ears.

Often accompanied by double bass and drums. Once, in cleveland, I watched buddy guy perform freedom and thought about thirty years, four weeks and five days past the actual date that the song still made sense. Singing songs that need to be sung. Had an epiphany once. Thinks his van can make it all the way to peggy's cove, where the land stopped and planes fell to sleep in the water.

Not comfortable writing musical bios and/or resumes. Play accordion, harmonica, guitar and sing. Fairly regularly. Blessed to know so many wonderful musicians who will accompany/tolerate me. Hurled challenge at Walter Ostanek during a drunken rampage at a rare public appearance (the drunken rampage was mine and the rare public appearance his) for a polka-off, which was never recognized. I asked him to wager his Juno. Often found in living rooms and church basements.