Infinite Groove Orchestra
Infinite Groove Orchestra Get your brain funk on!

Featuring John Richardson on keyboards, Jeremy Powell on Saxophones, Jon Shea on basses, and Adam Volpe on drums.

Sounds Like "...anyone who's seen the heated musical exchanges between Jon and John knows they're in for a pleasurable evening of danceable grooves with diverse musical themes, syncopated, beat-a-licious jams and mind-expanding improvisations." -LEILANI POLK (Weekly Planet)

Influences are Herbie Hancock, Miles Davis, Jimmy McGriff, Jimmy Smith, Jimi Hendrix, King Tubby, Jaco Pastorius, The Beatles, Bob Marley, John Coltrane, Keith Jarrett, James Brown, Funkadelic, Grateful Dead, Frank Zappa, Chick Corea, Fela Kuti, MMW....the list is infinite.