Organic Flood
Organic Flood  Drenched in funk grooves, blues-fusioned rock, elevated conscious flows and hip-hop cuts. OF is making music for all dimensions. The band boasts a female and male poetic vocal team, backed by a stunning trio of bass, drums, and guitar. Organic Flood is a high-energy, positive musical experience.

If you experiance Organic Flood you will dance!! Picture Hayes on bass with a mohawk, or sweating in a blue wig, or sporting whatever fits his fancy that day, bouncing as he shreds at an intoxifying, rain-pelting speed. On drums, Ben's arms fly with his fills, his rolls spilling like wet thunder, beats shifting tectonics beneath your feet. Seth with a guitar is a sensual magic carpet ride along all liquids from riptides to ripples. Grace Tea thrashes with exactitude, dancing in a torrential outpour of ecstatic energy, spouting fresh lyrics, sharin' sips of soul tea soaked with the feminine, and the Mad Chadder beckons you into the ocean of impossible notions, chanting his rhymes with a grin. Organic Flood takes the collective adrenaline for a glorious ride.