Catfish Whiskey
Catfish Whiskey Catfish Whiskey's music is a soulful blend of rock and roll, blues, country, and folk, reminiscent of some of the classic Southern rock bands, delta blues musicians, and old school country outlaws of the past. Yet, CW manages to acheive a voice all its own. As the name denotes, Catfish Whiskey prides themselves on a very distinct and rootsy sound. Ranging from smooth and mellow, to rough and dirty, to downright funky, CW has a tendency to play on all levels of emotion during a night's work. Catfish Whiskey thrives in the live performances of the smoke-filled bar rooms and low lit clubs which they frequent, always giving a unique and raw edge to whatever might be on the setlist that night. Every show is an experience all its own. Catfish Whiskey resides in Fort Worth, TX.