Hanging Chads
Hanging Chads The Hanging Chads are a heavily jazz and rock influenced jam band based out of New Bern, NC. They have been playing up and down the east coast since 2003 when the band first came together as a three piece with Jon Johndrow on guitar, Dail Reed on bass, and Zach Meadows on drums. They decided to add a horn player to the mix, and found that a saxophone was the needed ingredient for the sound they had been looking for when Brady Butler started playing with them. When Brady left the New Bern area in 2005, to pursue other ventures in Charlotte, The Chads decided to find another sax player. Jim Durham had been sitting in with the band, and filled in for Brady on occasion. Jim’s sound fit so well, that he became the new sax player for the group.

This four piece has been working hard for the last few years to create their unique sound, providing their fans with heavy hitting originals and eclectic covers with The Chads own twist. Jon, Jim, Dail, and Zach are all hard working, and in demand, musicians playing in side projects all over NC, but together as The Hanging Chads their chemistry cannot be denied. Their sound is intense and has been known to be quite trippy when the muse hits, and the muse hits hard when they play. This band creates a uniquely exciting show that has to be experienced.