Dungen Gustav Ejstes grew up in a big 17th century house in the little village Lanna in Vastergotland, Sweden. His father who's a fiddler, violinist and a music teacher, gave him a thorough insight to the mysteries Swedish folk music, early on, but also in classic 60s pop and rock, piano and guitar playing. During his teens Gustav entered the world of Hip-Hop and samplings. He botanized around in the record jungle and on his expeditions got to hear many incredible Swedish 1960s-70s recordings that he had never heard before.

This opened up a brand new world. Suddenly it was clear that he, instead of taking a detour through sampling, should play all the instruments he heard and prove that he could make it himself. Gustav simply returned to the old servants guitar, drums, bass and keyboards. He moved on to his mothers farm situated deep in the woods of Smaland where his interest for the Swedish folk music intensified. After the daily tasks at the farm he worked all night long in his music studio down in his grandmothers basement. The music that he created became more and more his own and it wasn't long before rumors started to spread about Dungen who created willful "folkrockpsych" in the Swedish countryside.

His friend Stefan Kéry's record company Subliminal Sounds released Dungens first recordings on a vinyl LP which got praised by underground connoisseurs all over the world. Soon the majors Dolores/Virgin knocked at the door which resulted in three CD singles, one of which ended up on the soundtrack for the Jungle Book 2 in Scandinavia and the album "Stadsvandringar" (City walks) (it was also released as a vinyl LP under the title "II" with an altered track selection by Subliminal Sounds) which received great attention in Swedish media. But in the end this arrangement didn't feel either right or real and Gustav decided instead to continue the collaboration with Subliminal Sounds.

Gustav now started to work with the recording of a new album and he did it precisely the way he wanted; without compromises. The new album, with the title "Ta det lugnt" (Take It easy) serves up Dungens most astounding and adventurous recordings, a uncompromising, multifaceted musical trip straight in to your head and deep out in to the Swedish forests.