Henry Turner Jr. and Flavor
Henry Turner Jr. and Flavor What happens when you mix different people with several different styles of music and a deep love to create something unique? You get the band Henry Turner Jr. & Flavor. A band whose unique style and presence on stage has given them a special following in their native Louisiana and now the world.

Henry Turner Jr. & Flavor started with Henry Turner Jr. His first thought was to create a band whose music would be appreciated by a large number of people and musical markets. Mr. Turner wanted to create a completely different kind of sound. Henry, who is also the president of Hit City Records, has managed several successful independent bands and artists. This, with the love of music that started from an early age, has allowed him to bring together a unique collection of people.

Henry Turner Jr., lead vocalist and guitarist for the band, is the driving force behind this band's appeal. Henry's influence on the band comes somewhat from his early musical influences. Blues and jazz greats like B.B. King Bob Marley and George Benson have allowed Henry to bring forth a unique perspective to the realm of reggae. The style of the music, as quoted by Henry, is "... an infused sound ... also an infusion of R&B /Reggae with some jazz chording." This unique style has allowed the band to go where other bands cannot..

Genre: Funk / R&B / Reggae ..... Location: Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA