Juana Molina
Juana Molina Juana Molina is a singer/songwriter from Argentina whose quirky, atmospheric songs bring to mind other modern chanteuses Lisa Germano and Beth Orton. She is best known in South America as a comedic television actress. Molina's first album, Rara, appeared in 1996 and initially it seemed like just another celebrity vanity project. The album was simple, direct, and intimate: three things that usually fall outside the ego scope of most celeb music projects. Apparently, Molina was happy pursuing other interests and it wasn't until 2003 that she returned with a follow-up album, this time recording for the U.K.-based Domino label. Segundo had all of the intimacy of Molina's earlier work, but the prominence of electronics on the album clearly signaled a departure. A third album of electronica-enhanced songs, appropriately titled Tres Cosas. Three Things appeared quickly after, in 2004. ~ Wade Kergan, All Music Guide