Bag of Toys
Bag of Toys Bag of Toys is a quartet creating the best acoustic surf rock in Northern California. Beginning with a few appearances at a small open-mic showcase, the group has quickly risen up the venue circuit of San Francisco and has since continued to entertain the masses in the Bay Area at venues such as The Independent and Slim's while providing opening act support for groups such as Fishbone and The Expendables. In less than one year from its early 2006 release, Nooner, the 12-song debut CD from Bag of Toys has been sold in all 50 states as well as over 15 other countries while propelling them to the top of the rankings for unsigned acoustic artists on the ever-popular In 2007, "Share", one of the band's original songs from Nooner, was prominently featured on a national television commercial for the Microsoft Zune. Building on this upward momentum, the band will continue to spread their sound through exciting live performances and the creation of more original music that will give you that feeling you get right after you sneeze.

The foundation of Bag of Toys started when Robert Tait began writing songs at the age of 14. The Pacific Ocean lured Robert out to San Francisco and, in late 2003, he found support in the melodic guitar playing of Steve Cowgill. Seeking to fill out the sound, the duo perused the internet for a rhythm section and, after far too many strange audition experiences, finally found the perfect fit with Joe Schewe holding a bass and Robert Stadler behind a drum set . The quartet then spent the early part of 2004 in Robert Tait's apartment molding his creations into the infectious sound that has become Bag of Toys.