WoolEye An eclectic music group that does not stagnate in one genre or style of music, WoolEye moves through a plethra of sounds, including rock, funk, jazz, and psychedelic. The band does this while maintaining a familiar, yet unique groove. WoolEye has performed at Wakarusa music and camping festival two years in a row, with artists such as Widespread Panic, Spearhead, Les Claypool, Flaming Lips, STS9 and MMW and has shared the stage with Ozric Tentacles, Tea Leaf Green, New Monsoon, Garaj Mahal, Jacob Fred Jazz Oddyssey, Melvin Seals, Kan'nal and many others. "WoolEye's high energy shows are marked by solid songwriting, meaningful lyrics and powerful rhythms."

The Durango Telegraph 2005 -- "Aside from it's imaginative musicians and genre bending sound, WoolEye seems to be one of the more intriguing concepts coming out of the Northern Colorado music scene." Chris Kampfe Scene Magazine 2005 -- "WoolEye has a completely unique sound going on... I love the poetry in motion." Carmen Allgood The Colorado Wave --
"This jamming rock band mixes it up at the Moon with a bunch of different sounds. Based out of Colorado, WoolEye is made up of musicians from around the country who sought the right environment for their musical creativity, and found it." -- Mark Steele The Telluride Watch 2006
"Rhythm and-soulful rock and roll and waves of pcychedelic bliss for good measure!!" -Aaron Wilder-Flaglive-Flagstaff,Arizona

"If the Wakarusa music and camping festival means rock concerts, camping out and environmentalism then Michael Rouse (WoolEye) may be the embodiment of Wakarusa's spirit." -Steve Vockrodt- Journal World 2007-Lawrence Kansas