Mike Dillon
Mike Dillon Critters Buggin. Malachy Papers. Karl Denson's Tiny Universe. Garage A Trois. The Hairy ApesBMX. Les Claypool's Frog Brigade. The one element in common with all these bands is a man named Mike Dillon. His skill on percussion instruments of many stripes has caught the attention of groups far and wide keeping Mike busy on stages and in studios for many years. His latest project is the marimba and vibe driven instrumental propulsion of the Black Frames, where he performs with his Critters Buggin bandmates Brad Houser and Skerik along with Earl Harvin, a simply fab drummer from the great state of Texas. Their sound is thick and gnarly and all kinds of good as long as you like your water deep rather than shallow.

To watch Mike D. play is quite a thing. His entire body gets involved with the instruments and he rarely stops moving. His arms a blur and his head shaking nearly loose from his frame, Mike seems possessed with a desire to always find something new, something deliciously rhythmic in any piece. And low and behold he usually finds it.