Shak Nasti
Shak Nasti Florida's own eclectic, jazz, and funk groove ensemble, Shak Nasti, provides an escape from your every day, run of the mill band with pop-infused melodies that co-exist with experimental interludes of pure funk delight. In the world of Shak, infectious grooves and pulsating rhythmic flow dare you to remain seated.

An evening with the powerhouse that is Shak Nasti is truly a unique musical experience. The musicians skillfully navigate through a gamut of musical styles leaving the listener electrified and wondering if there's anything this band can't play.

What sets Shak Nasti apart from many bands is the variety of sounds and styles coming from the same group of people. There's the monstrous thumposaurus bass funk of Matt Lapham, the jazzy afro beat sense of Rion Smith ( drummer for Grammy nominated Sam Rivers' RivBea Orchestra), all tied together by Tim Turner's skillfully crafted compositions and soulful guitar playing.

The Shak has a kettle corn effect...a dirty, Nasti rhythm section on the bottom and an ethereal, melodic sense on top. The more you listen, the more you hear.

Through a bouillabaisse of influence comes a sound all of its own... the sound of SHAK NASTI.

The band has shared the stage with such acts as George Clinton and the P-Funk All Stars, Col. Bruce and the Codetalkers, The Fiji Mariners, Johnny Sketch and the Dirty Notes, Spam All Stars, Moonshin Still, Pnuma Trio, Brothers Past, and a host of other regional acts as well as being a Florida music festival favorite.

Shak Nasti's first independently released CD "from the belly" received CD of the Year from a Band from the Songwriters Showcases of America. "From the belly" is a full 76 minutes ranging from groove rock to reggae to drum-n-bass. The latest release "Diddley Doo" is a four song EP, and much like an evening with the band itself, covers a wide range of styles within the parameters of newly chosen material