Stillwood STILLWOOD is a five-piece rock band from Tallahassee, Florida. Their music is hard to define; the well-crafted songs range from soulful roots music to gritty southern-fried boogie rock to psychedelic pop, and although Stillwood definitely jams, please do not consider them a "jam band." Over the course of five years, hundreds of shows and many festival appearances, Stillwood has built a large, devoted fan base as a result of their energetic live shows. The philosophy has always been that if the band is having a good time at a show, everyone else will have a good time, too. Kati Schardl of the Tallahassee Democrat summed it up: "[Stillwood] is all about sharing the positive vibe at its high-energy shows, and fans have responded in droves to its rootsy rock at shows that can summon such intense spiritual fire that resistance to the groove is futile."

Stillwood has recently released their first CD, "Untangled," The release of the CD follows a year of ups and downs for the 5-year old band, including a name change from Tanglewood after a legal battle with the Boston Symphony Orchestra (hence the CD title). The album, engineered and co-produced by Doug Oade, who has worked with Widespread Panic, Little Feat and Gov't. Mule, features 12 tightly written songs, 11 penned by Stillwood's frontman, Danny Goddard.

From Thomas "T-Byrd" Taylor's gritty keyboards on the dirty swamp-funk of "Runaround," to the tasty groove provided by bassist Barry Gulker and drummer Jeff Hileman on "Moving On," to the classic southern rock dual-guitar attack of Tucker Riordan and Goddard on "Texas El Camino" each tune on the album reveals a different facet of the band's varied talents. "Our goal was to capture the energy of a live show on a studio album" Danny said, "and with Doug Oade's experience in live recording, I think we did a pretty good job."

Danny Goddard -Guitar & Vocals
Barry Gulker -Bass Guitar
Jeff Hileman -Drums & Vocals
Tucker Riordan -Guitar
T-byrd Taylor -Keyboards & Vocals

2005- "Untangled" Full-Length Studio CD. Available at our website,,, and more! Various Bootlegs starting 2001. Available from the right people.