Grogus Grogus, forming in 2002 as a side project of renowned jazz quartet Squat, combines various musical elements, including, but definitely not limited to, Latin jazz, salsa, Afro-Caribbean jazz, and even reggae. Initially, Grogus began by adding percussionists and woodwinds to the Squat line up, providing a medium for experimenting with a larger ensemble. The sound drew heavily upon the Latin jazz and funk arrangements of musicians like Tito Puentes, Thelonius Monk, Horrace Silver and Duke Ellington. Later, a more emphasized horn section, piano, and vocals were added, and the group began learning material from Cuban composer and musician Israel Cachao Lopez. Defining the sound of Grogus today, the ensemble incorporates Afro-Cuban and Caribbean dance and vocal music, including son, descarga, and salsa.