Bela Fleck Acoustic Trio
Bela Fleck Acoustic Trio Just in case you aren't familiar with Béla Fleck, there are some who say he's the premiere banjo player in the world. Others claim that Béla has virtually reinvented the image and the sound of the banjo through a remarkable performing and recording career that has taken him all over the musical map and on a range of solo projects and collaborations. If you are familiar with Béla, you know that he just loves to play the banjo, and put it into unique settings.

Béla has been missing playing bluegrass related stuff, and this year seemed like a great time to do more of it. With powerhouse musicians Casey Dreissen and Bryan Sutton on fiddle and guitar, the sparks started flying immediately.

This will be a trio, which presents different opportunities musically. They will be playing selections from Béla's bluegrass catalog such as Drive, Bluegrass Sessions, and New Grass Revival. Also they will play new compositions from all three musicians.