Fear Before
Fear Before Fear Before the March of Flames (sometimes abriviated as FBTMOF) is an experimental metalcore band that resides in Aurora, Colorado. Their current sound can be described as experimental metalcore, drawing influence from the likes of Converge, The Blood Brothers, and Botch. Some even consider them to be mathcore because of their technical riffs and song structure.

They released their debut album, Odd How People Shake, in 2003 on Rise Records, and after gaining some notoriety, were signed to Equal Vision Records, who rereleased their debut in the January of 2004. Their debut was primarily in the vein of post-hardcore, featuring a mix of screamed vocals on the part of David Marion and clean singing provided by Adam Fisher. The instrumental work on "Odd How People Shake" is best described as typical of that of most melodic metalcore artists of the day, and it is rumoured that every song on the album is based on a movie ("Sarah Goldfarb, Where are Your Manners?", for example, is supposedly about Requiem for a Dream).

Their sophomore album, Art Damage, was released on Equal Vision Records in September 2004, and was a marked change in direction for the band. Art Damage as an album was much heavier and darker than their debut; the band left behind the relative simplicity and, arguably, tiredness of the instrumental work of their debut in favor of the abrasiveness characterizing bands such as Converge and Every Time I Die. In addition, virtually all of the vocals are screamed, with the exception of an odd chorus or verse. The lyrics tended more towards social commentary on such songs as, "Hey, Kid. I'm a Computer. Stop All the downloading!"

The critical consensus seems to favor their new direction, and in concert, the band plays few if any songs from their debut. On their website, they explicitly state that they will not play one song in particular from their debut, "On the Brightside, She Could Choke;" interestingly enough, this song also has the most prominent elements of emo of all the songs in their catalogue, which could be one of the reasons they have grown so adverse to playing it.

Their new album, The Always Open Mouth, was released on Tuesday, September 19, 2006. This album marks a considerably different sound from previous recordings. This album contains a much more experimental side, such as more emphasis on antiphony between the lead singer and guitarist and a considerable lesser amount of screaming. It features layered guitar chords (a second guitarist was added to the band before the recording of this album), and many electronic sounds used with heavily-distorted or otherwise-effected guitars and synthesizers, or sequencers and drum machines, giving it a more Industrial feel. As a result, it is not as hard or fast as their previous two albums, but instead, is more experimental and well-crafted.

They are currently on the RADIO REBELLION TOUR with Norma Jean and Between the Buried and Me.