The Mutaytor
The Mutaytor In 2008, the Mutaytor Traveling Theatrical and Musical Review celebrates it's 10th consecutive year as an ever evolving, viscerally thrilling, multi-media cavalcade of performance splendor.

Featuring an 11 piece modern-rock ensemble band, elegant aerialists, dazzling fire performance, interactive choreographed dancers, giant screen video displays, modern vaudeville and exhibitions of the circus arts, this 32 person ensemble has thrilled audiences of all ages and stripes on stages across the country.

The versatile nature of the Mutaytor allows every element of the show to be utilized, from roving hand drummers at intimate corporate events to medium sized concert venues to full stadium-sized shows with our own propane cannons blazing.

The music team has expanded to include a 3 piece horn section, acoustic and electric guitar, and new percussion rigs which compliment the incredible musical wisdom of Steve Reid (Miles Davis/Supertramp), Hambone Hix (Mojo Monkeys/Steve Jones) and John Avila formerly of Oingo Boingo who said, "The first time I saw Mutaytor my jaw was to the ground. I was pretty much blown away by what they do and the feeling of unpretentiousness when they do it. It was a well-thought out piece of showbiz, all the urban angst and the feeling of freedom, especially with people flying through the air."

For an unsigned act to consistently sell out major Hollywood venues like the Key Club, the Music Box and the Avalon and sell-out draws in San Francisco is impressive, and the client list this self-run troupe has managed to rack up is enviable even for a major label artist. Last year they performed at the Jammy Awards at Madison Square Garden, and are featured in both the Best Of The Jammys volume one and two with their blistering collaborations with Mickey Hart, Stephen Perkins, Angelique Kidjo, Baba Maal and Richie Havens.

From their early origins at the yearly Burning Man Festival to the current lineup of over 30 musicians and performers, the band continues to evolve both musically and visually. 2008 will see a new album "Yelling Theater In A Crowded Fire," a new DVD of live footage and behind the scenes mini-documentaries, the re-launch of their website, the new Fan Club, plus offering their entire catalog online as digital downloads.

"Mutayshun because evolution takes too long."