Micky & The Motorcars
Micky & The Motorcars On August 16, 1989, Micky Braun was being wished a happy birthday on national television by none other than Johnny Carson. The lead singer of Micky and The Motorcars celebrated his eighth birthday and second appearance on The Tonight Show with his three brothers and father.

Born and raised in the remote Whitecloud Mountains of central Idaho, brothers Gary and Micky Braun grew up singing and playing whatever instrument they could get their hands on. Their simple lifestyle (no electricity, running water, television nor telephone) provided them with lots of time to hone their creative skills. Home schooling gave them opportunity to learn about life on the road, as well. Their father, Muzzie Braun, was a full time musician and before the Braun brothers knew it, they were in the music business too.

After high school and a nine year stint playing with his father, Micky moved to Phoenix, AZ to strike out on his own. Mark McCoy from Stanley, Idaho made the venture south as well. Six months later, Gary joined the mix and the three of them began working on what would become the nucleus of the existing band. Mark played the bass guitar while Micky took the role of songwriter/lead singer/rhythm guitarist/front man. Gary added his rich vocal harmonies, guitar, mandolin and harmonica to round out their sound.

In January of 2002 The Motorcars rolled into the live music capital of the world, Austin, TX. Armed with an arsenal of fresh songs, a new drummer and lead guitarist, the five piece recorded their first independent CD, Which Way From Here. Micky and The Motorcars were off and running. The Motorcars were immediately signed to a booking agency and with the help of the two older Braun brothers, Cody and Willy of Reckless Kelly, they became one of the hottest new bands in the Austin scene.

Now with lead guitarist Joseph Deeb of Tallahassee, FL and drummer Shane Vannerson of Wichita, KS, Micky and the Motorcars are finely tuned and running better than ever. They are currently touring across the nation with acts like Cross Canadian Ragweed, Reckless Kelly, Pat Green and Willie Nelson. This year alone they have played more than 200 dates. They also made time to record and release their second studio album, Aint In It for the Money (Smith Music Group) available at stores everywhere.

Micky and the Motorcars have certainly racked up their share of miles on the road and they have no intentions of slowing down. Their music is proof that theyll be around for years to come and their energy and ambition will keep the fans coming to them. MMC as they are sometimes known are now fixtures on the Lonestar scene joining their brothers in Reckless Kelly as a nationally known, tirelessly touring band.