Olympic Sound Collective
Olympic Sound Collective Olympic Sound Collective, also known as OSC features band members who have played with a variety of regional and national acts. Most notable are Karl Denson's Tiny Universe, Haunuman, Altered States of Funk and Rai. OSC brings jazz back to the dance floor with their orignial fusion of Soul, jazz and funk. The rhythm section grooves with the combination of funk bass from the B3 organ and keys, street beat drumming and old school guitar riffing. The dual horn section of trumpet and sax provide punches and hooks that build the music to fantastic peaks. Fans of Charlie Hunter, Galactic, MMW, and other jazz/funk artists will feel right at home when they hear the 1st few seconds of the sound that is, unmistakably, Olympic Sound Collective. Guitarist Mike Saskor has been a staple in the Seattle music community for more than 10 years. His past and current projects include Toadstool, Rai, Altered States of Funk, and Olympic Sound Collective.He has also done stints with the Danny Godinez Band and Marmalade. Mike has studied jazz and funk on both the East and West Coast, and developed an ear for funk/groove riffing, and jazz improvisation. He effortlessly melds these styles together, creating a sound that is melodic, fluid and catchy. Organist Nathan Spicer is a wizard of the B3 and has spent his lifetime deeply involved in the Seattle music scene. Drummer Charlie Workman has been playing for about 21 years now. He started in the middle school system & never looked back. Becoming a teacher/peer facilitator in his youth helped him understand multiple principles in learning. Jumping a year early into the high school marching program, he was able to excel w/his MHS brothers to two straight undefeated seasons in the top class. During the summer months of higher education, he helped teach a regional drumline & co-lead them to their best finish in school history. Charlie's beats are tight and will make you want to get up and dance. He plays vintage kits and has a passion for that "vintage drum sound " ! Current influences include Billy Martin, Stanton Moore & John Fishman. Prior to moving to the Pacific Northwest, he played with Indianapolis based bands "Funk Bud Johnny" and "Chocolate George". Upon arrival to Seattle he played with Organica & currently plays in Rai & Olympic Sound Collective. Saxophonist Damien Aitken has long had a passion for all kinds of music and people;and found himself involved in numerous acts from punk to funk to blues and jazz. After sharing stages in Oz with the likes of ; The Beastie Boys, Rollins Band and The Ramones he had a yearning to stretch his legs and see what else was out there. Picking up gig in an orchestra he found himself in the U.S and liked what he heard. Joining the Boston Ska scene in 1996 Damien was able to realize some of his childhood dreams by touring in South America , Europe and the U.S; while being on bills with Toots and the Maytails, The Wailers, Ziggy Marley, The Skatalities and The Mighty,Mighty Bosstones. Trumpet-Flugel horn : Chris Littlefield is a long standing member of the music community that has come to be known as the " Seattle Groove Scene ". Having played in numerous clubs through out the NW region, most of the US, & other parts of the world, Chris has come to be known & well respected as a trumpet player, bandleader & composer. After pursuing his degree in music education & performance at Central Washington University in Ellensburg WA., he moved to Seattle in the early 90's to begin his career in music. It was at this time he began his tenure in the " Seattle Groove Scene ". Cutting his teeth by playing in many popular clubs such as the 700 Club & Baltic Room and performing with well known bands like Phat Sidy Smokehouse & Crack Sabbath. Performing on just about any night of the week from straight ahead Jazz to Electronica in some of Seattle's longest running club night's such as Jumbalya & Das Rut (featuring singer Reggie Watts of "Maktub"), Chris became a regular fixture on the dance club land scape. It was during this period that Chris begin honing his talents as a composer & band leader by forming a 6 piece Instrumental Hip/hop Jazz Band Bassackwards, and later 10 piece soul group ( 2 singers, 3 horns, & 5 piece rhythm section) Conrucopia. One group provided a more open platform for the trumpeter to explore different sound textures through the use of effects processors, while the other provided more opportunities for composition. Shortly after the formation of both his groups, Chris began to expand into a larger arena of performance by joining " Cinema/Worldbeat instrumental super group " "Tuatara". Performing along side Avant - Jazz/rock saxophonist Skerik, Screaming trees drummer - Brett Martin, Los Lobos sax/flute/keyboardist - Steve Berlin, and R.E.M. Guitarist - Peter Buck. Chris' career had now definitely taken off .Two years after joining "Tuatara", Chris was referred to Saxman/singer/songwriter Karl Denson, and joined his Karl Denson's Tiny Universe as sideman. After playing along side one of the industries funkiest horn players for almost 5 years, Chris along with 3 other members from KDTU took advantage of a year long hiatus from the "Tiny Universe" to get their funk/electronica side project " Blu Sirkut " up and running. Having now completed a successful 1st year, BluSirkut continues to move forward with plans for a full length recording & further touring.