The Harwell Grice Band
The Harwell Grice Band The Harwell Grice Band was formed when four college buddies decided that their Thursday night "Pirate House" bluegrass jams in Radford were getting a bit too big for the venue. As the original members began to mature in their songwriting and musicianship, the band began to gain a fanbase. A truer bluegrass sound was achieved when adding a stand-up bass into the mix and adding an additional guitarist. Since then, the HGB has undergone several transformations but has maintained their unique high-driving progressive sound. Come check them out. The Band: Spencer Young (banjo, vocals), Gabe Robey (guitar, vocals), Josh Grice (guitar, bass, vocals), Matt Hubbard (mandolin), Isaiah Rickman (doghouse), Anya Hinkle (fiddle)